ICC Israel was founded 50 years ago as an autonomous independent entity. It is located at the Chamber of Commerce offices in Tel Aviv.


ICC Israel staff:



Director General – Tom Misgav Adv.


Office Manager – Yulia Yanushpolsky


Management consists of some 20 academia members and businessmen who convene several times a year to discuss the ICC policy and activities.


Professional committees – Currently there are 9 committees on various issues such as environmental protection, banking, transport, communications, trade and business arbitration. Committees comprising of professionals in the relevant fields, take part in meetings held in Israel and worldwide, in order to promote the interests of the business sector in Israel.


ICC Israel activities:


Participation in international conferences: organization, coordination and preparation of the Chairman and various representatives travel to international ICC conferences held worldwide.


International ICC brochures and advertising material: ordering materials, tracking the inventory, sale and account management with the customers and with ICC management in Paris.


Biannual paper: production of a professional newspaper on trade and economic; collection of articles, editing, writing and distribution to some 600 recipients.


ICC management information and reports: receiving information on an ongoing basis, sorting and distribution to the relevant committees and various business parties.


Board meetings and committees: coordination and participation in board meetings and professional committees in Israel.


Ongoing Correspondence: regular correspondence with the ICC management, committees members and Chamber members.


Why should companies and organizations join the ICC organization?



The ICC organization was founded in 1919 and has since had the authority to act on behalf of enterprises from all business sectors worldwide. Our Organization takes care of members in more than 130 countries and extensively covers every aspect of the business world.


Setting Priorities

ICC members dictate the organization’s priorities. One example is customs procedures modernization, with emphasis placed on tariff and barriers reduction for performing cross border trade. Other examples include the standards set for e-commerce policy formulation and commercial crime fighting.



ICC opens a main door to the corridors of power. As ICC members, company directors gain access to government ministers and senior international officials, who make decisions that affect a variety of government levels. Each year, before the G8 Committee, ICC leaders present business cases on economic global matters, in a private meeting with the Prime Ministers of the host country.



ICC is an organization uniting the biggest, most dynamic and influential companies in the world (about 8,000 of them). Upon accession to ICC, each company becomes a part of the world's most powerful leading business organization.



ICC members are used as an important means in creating regulations and rules that businesses use in everyday life, lowering costs and reducing uncertainties on various subjects, including arbitration and mediation, banking, commercial contracts and more. In this process members achieve important insights in the field of commercial assistance.


Local and international power

ICC members have power and influence both at national level through global networks of national communities, and at international level through special ties ICC has with various inter- governmental organizations, such as the International Trade Organization.


Knowledge and experience

ICC is a treasure of knowledge and experience in all areas affecting business operations. Through ICC’s action committees, members contribute to our organization much practical knowledge and create an influential power on governments. Operating in various committees throughout the world, are some 5,000 business professionals from various fields, whose combined knowledge makes ICC multinational focus of power and influence.


Global network

ICC is open to the private sector all over the world. Simultaneously, our organization offers its members many benefits by belonging to the prestigious club, like the opportunity to create working business relationship at the highest level in ICC exclusive events.