What is the relationship between ICC Israel, ICC Palestine and ICC International? What is the contribution of the international ICC to the Arbitration development?


 Answer – the International ICC Court of Arbitration, and the organization as a whole, patronages this institution. They organizationally and professionally support it and transfer much knowledge and experience to it.

The JAC arbitration rules are an adapted version of ICC's international rules to the reality and laws in our region.

The JAC management team is trained by the international ICC as well as some of the arbitrators.


What about costs? It is well known that the international arbitration process is an expensive one?


Answer – proceeding management costs at JAC will be adapted to our region and will consider the ability of different sized bodies. The intention is to also enable medium and small business enterprises to maintain a fast discounted proceeding and make the JAC frame affordable to all by selectively "subsidizing" the proceedings.


When do you intend to start acting?


Answer – during 2012, the JAC will go into action. The intention is to begin a pilot project in the first stage, and switch to full activity as quickly as possible.


What legal personnel do you need?


Answer – we seek to join lawyers engaged in trade and arbitration into our ranks. In general, arbitrators as well as lawyers representing the parties will be incorporated into the setting.

Anyone who wishes to join the line of arbitrators and representatives will have to pass training in to learn the arbitration rules of the JAC as well as learning the arbitration procedures in this institution.

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