ICC Israel's professional committees are the core of our professional activities.


Their role constitutes a professional activity axis in a variety of areas in which ICC is engaged. International committee members are a collection of experts in a variety of areas, who meet in working groups divided into different areas and hold meetings, conferences and discussions whose product comprises an infrastructural material for the organization's activities.


Committees’ product range is divided between position papers, trade rules and recommendations for action which are distributed to ICC members around the world and adopted by countries, organizations and various international entities. In the International ICC there are 16-18 professional committees as well as dozens of action/ thinking teams which handle Ad hoc assignments. The number of voluntary experts in the various frameworks exceeds 3,000 people and the periodic meetings between them in the various frameworks have become famous around the world.


To become a member of an international committee, it is necessary to receive a recommendation from the local National Committee sending its representative.


A variety of national committees works within the various states in front of the international committees, operating as their mirror image. For example, an Israeli banking committee operates in front of the global banking committee, whose role is to hold discussions among its members, and pass the local decisions to the international frameworks, thus affecting the aggregate product of the international committees. This happens in a variety of committees operating within the Israeli framework.


The list of committees operating within the ICC Israel framework can be found below