The JAC will not be set up as a separate legal entity, but will rather be a joint enterprise established by ICC Israel and ICC Palestine through a joint venture agreement. This approach was adopted in order to avoid the necessity of choosing the nationality of the JAC, which could otherwise become a political sticking point between the two sides.


The JAC will be comprised of three related bodies: a professional Secretariat; the JAC Court; and the JAC Board.


The Secretariat will be the organ responsible for the management of and supervision over all JAC cases. The Secretariat will sit at the JAC Hearing Center location in East Jerusalem, and is planned to be comprised of a non-local manager, with two deputies, one Israeli and the other Palestinian. All members of the secretariat will be professional lawyers with knowledge of international arbitration.


The JAC Court will be the organ of the JAC responsible for approving arbitrator's awards (similar to the role played by the ICA Court in Paris) as well as for recommending JAC policy on legal issues to the JAC Board. In keeping with the principles of equality and impartiality underlying the establishment of the JAC, we anticipate that the Court will eventually be comprised of 9 leading arbitration experts, 2 Palestinian, 2 Israeli and 5 from other countries.


The JAC Board will be the organ of the institution responsible for setting out JAC related management policies and approving the recommendations of the JAC Court on legal policy issues. Once again, there will be equal numbers of Palestinian and Israeli board members, together with a strong international presence. The JAC Board shall have two co-chairpersons: one Israeli and the other Palestinian.


The JAC will be actively supported by both ICC Palestine and ICC Israel, from their offices in Ramallah and Tel-Aviv, respectively.